Monday, January 30, 2012

Ninja Runner

I am sure everyone has been waiting with baited (or would that be bated?) breath to find out my diagnosis from the physical therapist this morning. I was pretty anxious myself, and the irony of getting hurt just as I started training for the BIG RACE is still frustrating.

But the appointment was good. Stephen was very patient and informative and I am seeing the silver lining that this is a time to learn to do things the right way and to strengthen and stretch my body as it deserves. Apparently I do not have an injury, break, dislocation or other malady that will keep me from running. My issue is mechanical, and with time and information I should be able to rehab to run long again. (I am doing my best to forget the running log and the 5 miler I SHOULD have been doing today for marathon training, but I did manage a strong one mile run with no pain and some strength work today.) And of course, in the office, my knee did not even hurt in all the tests he ran.

As I was reading my son his bedtime story tonight, The Official Guide of Ninjago, Master of Spinjitzu, I realized that I could use the rules of ninjas to guide me through the next few months as a runner.

1. Comfort is a thing of the past. Well, yes. Not only will I feel this twinge for the foreseeable future, if I do my workouts the RIGHT way I will be burning and gasping (in a good way, right?). And if I rehab to the point of being able to do 26.2, then comfort will truly leave me.

2. To rush is to fail. I am fighting the urge to do too much too soon. My one-mile run felt good today and I wanted to continue. I can’t wait to try again tomorrow and see how my knee responds. But I think that taking it easy will be better in the long run. My physical therapist and my muscles think so too.

3. Moderation in all things. This is a no-brainer. I always battle taking things to the extreme: whether Girl Scout cookie eating or logging miles or planning the perfect activity with my kids. If I slow down (see rule 2) and relax, I can build a strong base for the future, through moderation.

4. Calm before the storm. I cannot let my emotions rule me. I still feel disappointed. At age 40 I have spent the past two years changing my life. The marathon was the final hurdle. And now this. But I will make my choices and work out without emotion ruling. Que sera sera.

5. Discipline. Ninjas must be organized, respectful and industrious in all things. As the mother of three and a teacher, I must organize my time even more carefully to do extra stretching and prepare myself for smaller goals leading to my ultimate marathon goal. And I have to have the discipline to understand that my goal might need to change, based on the needs of my body.

So ninja, it is! New Asics kicks instead of ninja-wear, but the same commitment to the journey and the bravery to keep out the dark forces (in this case doubt, disappointment and further injury.) Following the five rules should prepare me for whatever comes my way!

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