Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Running to Stand Still

Five weeks down in my marathon training. Well, what I should say is five weeks down in WHAT SHOULD HAVE BEEN my marathon training. To say I am disappointed is an understatement. I started two years ago as an Olympic couch potato, and have since crossed the finish line of two half-marathon. I struggled to find the nerve to run the full 26.2, signed up, trained throughout the off-season, but in week two of the actual training: KAPLLOOY!!

I am the most optimistic person I know, but even I know that I cannot get to marathon shape by May 20. This has been hard to swallow, but when the physical therapist says you can run 15 minutes straight in week 5, even my non-mathematical mind can figure out that 5/20 is a no-go. Ugh.

So on to Plan B I go: run the half-marathon on May 20. A myriad of reasons (I am not just rationalizing here, am I?) make this a very good idea. I won’t have to hit the dreaded wall of twenty miles, or do a twenty-mile training run while my husband prepares for a rigorous new position at work. (Principal takes a lot of time and energy….so proud of him. But I digress.) I can train with my friend Pat who I coerced into running the half, and probably run WITH him throughout the race.

I have signed up already, and want to keep blogging and thinking about my training, so I don’t want to just quit where I am. The cross-training has actually been kind of freeing, and Pat has influenced me to be a swimmer. (See how that works? Having a training partner really DOES help keep you moving.) I swam my first WHOLE MILE a week or so ago, and it is a great feeling. I’ve been utilizing the elliptical for a good workout, then jumping on the treadmill for the allotted 15 minute run. I have been doing my exercises and stretches and my knee really does feel strong. Slow and steady wins the race. Or in my case, slow and steady finishes the race.

I am still fighting the vague nagging that I am a quitter. But in running (as in life), you can only do what you can do and what your body allows. I will not sacrifice my body and future five milers in the woods just so I can SAY I ran a marathon.

To the gym with me, to be a stronger, smarter runner. Not such a bad idea after all!!


SCOLEMAN said...

I signed up for the Cleveland half marathon last year and after a knee injury in April, I was not able to run. I was devasted. I went to physical therapy for 8 weeks and started over from scratch. I have finally made it back to being able to run and I have put off signing up for the half because, honestly, I have a fear of failing again. I am giving myself one more week to make a decision and own it. Fear of failure is holding me back and I got to let go somehow!

Kathryne said...

Let the fear go, SCOLEMAN! I think battling back and trying again makes it so much MORE of a victory. Don't be like me who waited so long to sign up for a half a year ago that I got shut out after all my training. So I anti-climatically ran by myself 13.1 down Lake Road. 12 week training starts Monday. Join in!!

Holly said...

I hope you are still running this weekend and we might meet.