Thursday, January 26, 2012

A Bump in the Road

Oh no! This is my worst fear as a runner. And it is happening in week two of marathon training. I am so disheartened and resisting the constant urge to cry: something is wrong with my knee.

I have been working out 4 or 5 times a week steadily for the last several months. I varied my routine with swimming, elliptical, bike, boot camp, short and long runs, slowly and for speed. I was doing everything right, or so I thought.

And then it happened. The last four runs or so, it feels like my knee is going to burn up and explode right off my body. Nothing specific happened, no twist or injury that I can recall. And I am an optimist: when I first felt the twinge I figured if I just kept moving the pain would go away. That did not happen. I have been trying to ignore this and refusing to admit it to myself. I have an injury that must be attended.

I can run through the pain (apparently I am stronger than I thought….or maybe just stupider.) But when I did my seven miles Sunday and couldn’t walk up the stairs to the bedroom later, I figured I needed to do something.

I am waiting on a physical therapist appointment and working on my upper body and trying to not get depressed. In an ironic twist, I also have a head full of a terrible cold, so I don’t really feel like jumping in the pool.

Although I usually specialize in teaching grammar and writing, I am thinking this is my IT band. Any thoughts or ideas would be gratefully appreciated.

As Langston Hughes said, “What happens to a dream deferred?” I’m not too excited by the answer.


JRussell said...

I had the same issue after an 8 mile run this summer, I had done a lot of hill work and when I got home I could barely go up the stairs. I purchased a compression knee brace and it made a world of difference. I also work on stretching a lot more and that has helped as well. Good Luck! Lets hope that you all better by Cleveland!

JRichiuso said...

An article to look over. But, form one who has dealt with knee pain and running for many years, I swear by a foam roller. Regular roller workout with yoga (stretching) has done a lot to alleviate my knee pain and ITBS issues. I also have had a lot of relief by taking a Glucosamine & Chondroitin supplement daily. Just something to look into.

And some more advice from Runner's World:

If nothing else, take it easy for awhile. Cross train if you must until you hear from your doctor.

Karthi said...

I got IT band when i increased the Miles from 7 to 10 miles within a week. I took a break , treated my IT band area with Ice and Started doing the Stretch for IT Band area. First & fore most important thing to remember is " Listen to your Body".

Rob said...

If it hurts a lot more going up and down stairs, I am guessing it is not an IT issue but, more likely, runner's knee. I had the same problem. I am currently doing some rehab. I just started last week even though it has bothered me for the past year. I am also using a knee strap, which helps a lot, but does not address the underlying cause of the problem, which is usually the kneecap and not the knee itself.,7120,s6-241-285--7773-0,00.html

amr said...

I've been there too and resisted resting from running. I ended up realizing that in the grand scheme of running (even training for this one marathon), taking one or even two weeks off to give my knee a chance to heal (applied RICE-rest, ice, compression, elevation) wouldn't be as huge a deal as I was thinking. Its tough, but if you keep up your aerobic conditioning, do strength and stretching, see a PT, chances are you'll feel back to 100% and still be ready and in good shape for the marathon.

Kathryne said...

So glad for all the ideas. PT says it is a mechanical issue. I think this is a positive as there is not actually a big injury. But I don't like the 5-10 minutes of running per day he prescribed....especially on a beautiful day like today in Cleveland: 57 degrees!! I will stay the course, amr, deciding that the long run is more important than the short term.